Help ! Just received my Fuze and was doing what I thought was loading music on my player and ALL personal photos from my computer got loaded onto the MP3…Why did this happen and is there a way to do a global DELETE off the mp3 instead of manually deleting each picture ?? Also do you have to PAY for technical support if you call them ??

No, you’re not dealing with Microsoft, or Apple tech support, so there aren’t any fees for that.

Did you synchronize with Windows Media Player?  I’ll bet you did, and discovered the mindset of WiMP’s programmers: the application wants total control, to the point that it will send everything but the kitchen sink to your Sansa.

The problem is in Auto Sync.  Plug in your Fuze.  Open WiMP10 or 11, and click the Sync tab at the top of the screen.  Let’s repair the auto sync preferences, and this will delete all of those photos you don’t want on the device (except the ones you manually send there).

At the bottom edge of the Sync button is a small arrow / button.  Click that, and select from the MIDDLE of the menu (not the top Sync button) Sansa Fuze- Internal memory, then move over to “set up sync” in the second drop down menu.

As you see, even selecting the solution is a bit cryptic, isn’t it?  But fear not!  The box that pops up has your solution.  See the two columns of lists synchronized?  The deadly ones are labeled “all music” and “all photos”.  Click each one, and select delete from the list on the right.  When done, WiMP will remove all of those things it sent over, as you press the Start Sync button again.

A list of these files will display under “sync results”.

Once you’ve made this initial fight with WiMP, it will behave.

Welcome to the Sansa Community!  Feel free to post any questions, and you’ll find quite a few answers here!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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I’d just try something like

 find /media/Fuze -iname “*.jpg” -exec rm -v {} ;

 But I guess you’re on Windows, so your solution will probably be less intuitive. :wink:

Thanks Bob, I will give it a try later or tomorrow. Im hoping for the best…all I want is a player that will load music and also audio books…Im NOT a teenager, I dont need all the  other features !!!  I should have my granddaughter come up the house and Im sure she will take care of everything in no time   :smileyvery-happy:

Well that didnt work for me. Ill try it again, does it matter if the mp3 is on or off ?  When I connect it to pc, it displays connecting on mp3, then writing

If this doesnt work Ill try and call tech support I guess. I want to delete file from my computer and hopefully get everything deleted from the mp3 and start from fresh. 

Well, you can delete everything without even hooking it up to the computer. Just go to System Settings>Format.

Also, to stop Wimps insanity, just put the player in MSC mode. Settings>System Settings>USB Mode>MSC. This will make the Fuze appear as a regular hard drive and Wimp shouldn’t automatically sink to it.  

Thanks, I was able to call tech support and they put me through a FORMAT which deleted Everything off my mp3. They instructed me to turn off and lock the device. Do I have to have the mp3 in OFF/LOCK mode when transferring songs to it ?  I change the Mode also so hopefully now when I re-transfer songs It will work this time. The first time of all things I got the music and NOT the singers voice. !!!  Has anyone else had That problem, it plays ok on my computer !

Thanks for all the help out here !!! 

You can go ahead and set the power switch to the center position, unless you wish to lock the keys.

If you have a recurrence of this bizarre “voice is missing” sound, be sure that the headphone jack is fully inserted. The Fuze requires a little more pressure, as it has a tight jack.

What you may be hearing is a differential signal between the left and right channels, caused by an open ground connection. 

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: 

thanks so much! that took awhile to find the set up drop down, but it worked great, thanks,


How do i delete photos from sansa fuse?

@lois41 wrote:

How do i delete photos from sansa fuse?

Same way you put them on . . . only in reverse.