My Fuze downloaded everything on my computer.

I just got my Sansa for Christmas. Love it, think it’s awesome, and it has some pretty cool features. I plugged it into my computer yesterday, transferred all my songs from iTunes to WMP (I didn’t want to put any videos or pictures just yet), and let it sync. I was wondering why it took a whole day just to sync 500 or so songs, until I realized that the Sansa downloaded every single picture, music, and video file on my computer!

Now I have about 5000 pictures, 300 extra songs, and 20 videos I do not want on it. So, my question is, how do I delete alllll of the extra stuff (preferably without having to delete them all one by one on the player) and make it so my Sansa doesn’t download all the files in my folders again?

Your problem is Windows Media Player, which is set on Auto-Sync. Depending on your version, the settings are in different places, but connect the Sansa and then click around in Rip, Burn, Sync etc. and make everything Manual, or have it sync just music from certain folders. 


If you want to just start again, on the Fuze under Settings/System Settings is Format, which will erase everything you have added to the Sansa (it won’t disturb the firmware).  Then keep an eye on Windows Media Player and what it’s adding.   At this point, since WMP has already indexed all the media files on your computer,  you may have to tell it to forget its index–but make sure it doesn’t delete the files too! 


The real way to avoid this kind of madness is to switch USB modes (under Settings/System Settings) from MTP–Media Transfer Protocol, which connects to WMP–to MSC, which makes the Sansa work like a flash drive. (You’ll see two drives, for the internal memory and the card slot, in Computer or My Computer.) Then you can just drag-and-drop folders into the Sansa and see exactly what you’re getting. If you love playlists, you can do them with Winamp in MSC mode.  Personally,  I’m a Windows Media Playa hata.

Any better way other than updating your WMP’s media library to delete those unwanted videos or pictures.

Okay. I’ll start working on fixing the settings. Thank you so, so much! :smiley:

@kevin02454 wrote:


Any better way other than updating your WMP’s media library to delete those unwanted videos or pictures.

All those pictures and videos are from my digital camera. It’s not that I don’t want them at all. I just don’t want them on my Sansa.