How to keep photos off the Sansa

I am a techno dummy and with dialup (no high speed internet) I don’t have time to look and look for the answer elsewhere. I purchased the Sansa Fuse two days ago expressly for use listening to audio books.  Wondered why it took so long to sync when connected to my computer the first time to charge, etc.  Discovered that it had downloaded over 2000 photos and now the space is limited on the Fuse.  How do I go about removing the photos and telling the Fuse to omit the photos in the future??  In easy to understand directions, please.  Thanks

I am a newcomer to the Fuse as well.  I don’t think you can delete the photos on the Fuze by files, only individually and that would take some time.  One thing you could do is connect the Fuze and multi delete them.  Rhapsody works better than MS Media Player in this regard and you don’ t have to purchase Rhaposdy 4.0, just let it read the player first.  Once you’ve done that, connect the Fuze, select photos under the Fuze on the left column.  It will display all the photos.  Use the Shift key and select as many photos as you can on the right window…right click in the highlighted areas and select “delete” from the dropdown.  Those will be deleted.  Keep it up until all of the photos you want deleted are gone.  

Meda Player wants you to snyc…don’t as I think it puts everything it finds on the Fuze.  Rhapsody allows you to select photos and drag them to your Fuze.  Rhapsody also allows to to scan the files you have set up for photos, music and videos by browsing those files.  You can check the box to do this all the time or uncheck as you desire.  Rhapsody asks you every time it opens to scan files, but it doesn’t put them on the Fuze…only in it’s Library.  You then drage from those Library sections to the Fuze.  Note…it is best to name your photos and videos before putting them in the Library and I don’t think you can rename them once in the Library.  Hope this helps.  

YOu probably have Auto Sync on somewhere. If you used Windows Media Player it will sync everything in your libray if you dont stop it. Did you use WMP?

No worries, Windows Media Player and auto sync have conspired, and filled your Sansa.

It’s actually quite easy to clean this up, once you understand that WiMP is like a child.  It broke out the crayons and went to town coloring your device.  No to worry, we’ll simply have it clean up the mess automatically.

Open WiMP.  Plug in your Sansa, and select the Sync tab.  For that first connection, WiMP pops up a permission balloon, asking if you’d like to sync the player library with your device.  Pity, the player assumes we’d like to plop everything in the world into the device.  It tries to do so, with the obvious results.

At the bottom edge of the Sync tab (top of the screen) is a smaller menu button.  Click on this, then follow to Sansa Fuze (Internal Memory) > Set Up Sync.

A box will pop up, and be forewarned, I said WiMP was a child, yes?  See the two columns?  The Auto Sync option is the little check mark in the upper left.  Note that Auto needs to be, at least temporarily, activated for the cleanup.  Once cleaned up, the feature actually works.

Now, starting with the list on the right, you will see some really stupid options.  You must play Mouseketeeer for this task, the way it’s designed.  So, sweep a few crayons out of the way, and have a seat on the mat with WiMP.  Click on each item in the list that you do NOT want on your player, then remove them one at a time.  Yes, it works backwards, highlighting the choice on the right, then you must manually click on remove to place the undesirables on the left.

Get rid of, let’s see, “TV seen in the last week”, “5 star rated songs”, and the most important two, which are the true culprit, “all pictures”, and “all music”. 

When done, it’s fun to watch this kid clean up his mess.

Though it’s scary, press the start sync button.  WiMP will automatically clean up its mess for you, opening up the Sansa for what YOU decide to sync.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: