Photo Folder Structure

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Dug around the forums a bit  

I’m going to be using standard drag and drop to get photos onto my Fuze (I have a mac so have to do that)

I am planning to use iPhoto to convert and slim down the RAWs and JPGs in my library so its more manageable for the fuze (size wise- 10mb to just over 50KB with little visible loss in quality- helps tons)

The problem is I want to maintain folder structure when I view photos on the fuze, for example
Vacation photos (a folder)
Vacation x photos (a folder)
Concert Photos (a folder)


Is it possible that I drag and drop my folders to the fuze and keep the structure (ie. be able to navigate my same folder structure in the photos menu)?

Thanks in advance

The Sansa won’t accept photos unless they are of the exact format it is looking for.  Drag and drop won’t work with the Photos folder.  Currently, importing photos to the Fuze requires the Sansa Media Converter application.

Have you successfully transferred any photos to the Fuze via the Mac?

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RE…"…importing photos to the Fuze requires the Sansa Media Converter application"

I’ve D&Ded photos after resizing them and they are fine on the Fuze. So I don’t think SMC is REQUIRED for this purpose. I do NOT have them in folders though. good luck.

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The media converter is not required for photos. The Fuze will display photos as long as they are .jpg and the  dimensions are small. I don’t know the exact cutoff, however I used the Canon software that came with my digital camera to copy a batch of photos and resize them to 600 by 450 and they worked fine on the Fuze. Others might decide to resize photos to the exact dimensions of the Fuze screen.


Anyone fooled around with file structure?  

Probably answered in some other thread, but still:

I tried putting jpg and bmp photos, within folders, into the Photo folder in MSC mode.

It worked. 

The folders show up OK in the “Photos A-Z” screen. 

Haven’t tried other variations (eg MTP mode)

The fuze will display fotos as long as they aren’t too big. You can also use video4fuze to convert the photos to the fuze display dimensions, saving a lot of space.