Petition: AdHoc Wireless Network Support

With the ever increasing number of wireless and mobile internet devices, the need for the Sansa Connect to support AdHoc wireless networking also increases. (My opinion)

I have the ability with my laptop and my cell phone both to create an AdHoc network and bridge my network connection (wired - laptop, cell phone - mobile wireless internet) to the internet.

I just think that this player could break into some great areas of support and a whole new aspect of connectivity if the device would join an AdHoc network.

I have a PPC 6800 cell phone that has integrated 802.11 wireless that I can put into bridge mode to allow a PC to connect to an AdHoc network and utilize my data plan from the cell phone for internet connectivity.

If the Sansa Connect supported connected to this type of network, you could increase connectivity of the device by allowing them to be attached to the internet as described above.

Please add AdHoc networking to a future relase of the Sansa Connect firmware.


Message Edited by josht76 on 01-30-2008 09:21 PM