HELP!.. Wireless networking issue

Hey guys:

Need some help here… I just purchased a Sansa Connect this week… Its been great… it picks up my wireless network and streams music flawlessly.  But the issue comes into play when I connect it to my desktop PC…  When I do it kicks the desktop PC off the wireless network… This is a home built PC with XP SP2 and an Asus mother board… The wireless adapter on the PC is a Belkin wireless G MIMO USB NIC… If the sansa ISNT connected I can browse the internet and do other network functions just fine… HOWEVER the moment I plug the SANSA in I loose connectivity to the network on the desktop PC… The USB port that the Sansa is plugged into works fine cause I can plug in my USB web cam into the SAME port and NOT loose network connectivity… I got frusterated with the PC and rebuilt it the day before yesterday and this didnt seem to help… Is there like a driver conflict or something else ?


Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer…


Run the Event Viewer (start->Run->eventvwr), look for anything weird in the System log that occurred around the time you plugged in your Connect.

Hey, I just wanted to report I have the exact same issue - belkin Wireless G adapter + Sansa Clip. They both work on any computer, but same computer plugging the clip in disconnects me. I called tech support for sandisk and the guy said they haven’t had any reports of this. I’m thinking its some kind of driver conflict, esp. since its the same USB adapter + sandisk product… I’ll be calling belkin on the issue…

Oh, and no, event viewer gives no strange warnings or messages, either on the application or system side. The adapter still appears on the hardware page, but the actual adapter won’t connect, and then if you try and disable the adapter it will no longer enable in windows networking.The clip works fine through this.

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Does Device Manager show any hardware reporting problems?

Nope, device manager shows everything working fine… until I unplug the wireless and plug it back in. If I do that, it shows up as ‘unknown device’. It’s basically unuseable until I unplug the sansa and then unplug the wireless and plug it back in, at which point the wireless works fine again. I called belkin support and they were useless. Update to the newest drivers for both devices (I used the firmware downloader on another computer hooked in through ethernet) also didn’t yield any results.

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Use the “Driver Details” button under Device Manager for each device to verify that they both are using the proper drivers.  The behavior you described sounds like other problem reports I’ve Googled for Belkin wireless devices, where they will sometimes attempt to use the drivers for other USB devices (or maybe it’s the other way around) .