Pausing during playback - linked to the VBR?

I got the 4gb fuze at the weekend (with a 16gb card) and have trouble playing certain tracks…it keeps pausing for a few seconds during playback, about every 10 - 15 seconds throughout the song.  This doesn’t happen with evey track and I am wondering whether this is all to do with the VBR? When I listen to the same track again, it appears to be happening in exactly the same places.  However, what’s more frustrating is that when this happens, the player eventually freezes so I turn it off and on but then it refreshes the media which takes 10 - 15 minutes.  Any advice would be great! 

We are in development of the VBR fix.  FOr now,  try leaving the backlight setting at 1 hour,  try playing the file.  If it doesnt skip of hang up,  its liekly releated.  if it does still hang up,  it may be your file has a problem.

Just to let people know, I appear to have solved the problem below…I reformatted the micro SD card using the software available at

My husband had similar problems with his Cowon D2 SD card and this helped there too… just thought this might be of use!