Pausing during playback - linked to the VBR?

I got the 4gb fuze at the weekend (with a 16gb card) and have trouble playing certain tracks…it keeps pausing for a few seconds during playback, about every 10 - 15 seconds throughout the song.  This doesn’t happen with evey track and I am wondering whether this is all to do with the VBR? When I listen to the same track again, it appears to be happening in exactly the same places.  However, what’s more frustrating is that when this happens, the player eventually freezes so I turn it off and on but then it refreshes the media which takes 10 - 15 minutes.  Any advice would be great! 

We are in development of the VBR fix.  FOr now,  try leaving the backlight setting at 1 hour,  try playing the file.  If it doesnt skip of hang up,  its liekly releated.  if it does still hang up,  it may be your file has a problem.

Just to let people know, I appear to have solved the problem below…I reformatted the micro SD card using the software available at\_formatter.html

My husband had similar problems with his Cowon D2 SD card and this helped there too… just thought this might be of use!