Pause near end of songs

I read the post about “Gapless” playback, but my problem seems different.  I am playing MP3 tracks and a few seconds before the end of each track the music pauses for one second, then the music continues till the end of the song.  It does it to all my albums.


Am I the only person with this problem?  I did a search and found no mention of the this pause during music playback.


Are there any solutions for this or will I have to wait till the firmware release after the next one?

I wouldnt wait that long. Slide the Powerswitch up and hold it for 15-20 seconds. This is a reset of the software. If this doesnt help I would call Sandisk and see what they say. Seems like it may be a hardware issue (If the software reset is no help)

There are 2 possible causes to your problem:

  1. Your Fuze
  2. Your MP3 file
    Have you tried playing the same file on your PC? I mean connect the Fuze, copy the file to to the computer, open WMP and play the music. If it pauses then you know its the file. If it doesn’t contact SanDisk support.

I had the same problem on a Fuze. The MP3 files had both ID3V1 and ID3V2 tags. Check your tags and if they have both, remove the ID3V1 tags so the files only contain ID3V2 tags.

Other things to try if above does not work:

Remove any album art and see if it helps. Make sure album art jpg files do not have thumbnails included in them.

Format the Fuze from it’s own settings menu (will loose all content on the player) and reload.