4GB model stopping and/or skipping mid-song?

Hi guys,

I’m the happy owner of a red 4GB Sansa Fuze, I’ve had it for about 5 weeks now and I use it pretty much daily, it’s great, I love it, but just today, it started doing something that it hadn’t done before.

Sometimes, in mid-song, for no reason (i.e., not because I accidentally tapped the scroll wheel or anything like that), it’ll just stop playing.  It’s not shutting down, all I have to do it press “Play” again and it’ll start playing again where it left off.  Also today, it’s started occasionally skipping in mid-song - I’ll be listening to a song, and there’ll be a short pause and it’ll skip ahead to the next song.

It’s never done that before, and it’s gotten plenty of use since I bought it and has consistently performed very well.

Any ideas of what could be wrong, if anything, and how I could fix it??

If all else fails, I did buy the replacement warranty from the retailer, so if I can’t sort this out, maybe I can get it replaced.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

-Becka :slight_smile:

If you are absolutely sure that you’re not turning or pressing the wheel–like it’s not in a pocket of tight jeans or getting bumped somehow–I suggest taking it back. That shouldn’t be happening. Make sure to remind the store that you have a full year of warranty from SanDisk, so you should still be able to exchange it without using up the replacement warranty.

Call SanDisk customer service at 1-866-SANDISK to get any details of how to use the warranty. 

I would do a format, and then reinstall the Firmware, then reload the player. It sounds like a corruption somewhere. If that doesnt help take it back.