Password Protect Cruzer Blade

Thanks Dr. I have edited this post in Firefox as IE9 doesnt seem to be compatible.

Two issues…

Firstly, how do I password protect the SanDisk Cruzer Blade. NOT ENCRYPT but password protect the drive itself.

The main reason is the file needs to be writable. Imation do this and the sales girl told me thei San Disk was password protected – albeit she may have been confused and the packaging is woefully short of any substantial info on this.

Secondly. I want to remove  SanDisk Secure Access Manager from my PC and it will not uninstall via The Unistall link in Programs or via Control panel. Will I have to restorte my PC to an earlier point???


since your post is blank you may want to read this post

OK… have been able to remove manager after 2 restarts.

I would still like to password protect my usb drive.

I have an Imation which had the ability to have a public and private area - more than 7 years ago! (126MB)

(And I would have purchased Imation again except that the swivel broke on my original one and I don’t want to be left with the ‘cap’ and lose the drive.)

the only password protection offered by sandisk at this time is the SecureAccess software. 

I guess I’ll have to go and purchase an Imation

thanks for your advice