Password not recognized by SecureAccess

Hi All,

OS: Win7

Model: Sandisk Cruzer 32GB 

#: SDCZ36-032G

  • I made a SecureAccess vault just now and put important files on it. I secured the vault with a password with 34 characters like the one as follows:


  • When I went back into the SecureAccess vault, the password was not recognized.

  • I made a second vault as a test to see if everything was working properly and secured that vault with a simple password as follows:


  • The second vault secured by “password1” worked fine

  • I have ruled out CAPS LOCK, typos, and other common problems

  • The cruzer seems to not be able to detect very long passwords.

Does anyone have any idea why the long password is not working?

I’m thinking the vault will open with a shortened password.


Hi there

In my case, the number of password characters is only 8.

but it’s not recognized right now.

The same case occurred two days ago so I formatted the USB and made vault again.

I think that Sometimes or Often the password NOT recognized.

OS: Mac OS X Mavericks

Model: Sandisk Cruzer Blade 4GB

#: SDCZ50-004G

Good luck

Hi Mdall, were you able to figure this out by any chance? How about reseting the password and replace it with a simple one like 4 characters. See how it works out for you.