part of music not showing in Fuze but is in music folder


I have a 8G Sansa Fuze  that lost all its music recently.

(Not sure if it was because I now use a MAC rather than a PC Windows format.)

Anyway, I been having problems placing songs in my music folder. I put the correct USB mode of MSC and made sure all my music from iTunes was converted to mp3 format, since the Fuze didn’t recognize AAC audio file from Apple.

Now the songs are listed in the music folder, along with a .jpg copy of the album art in each appropriate folder and that I can now see.

When I looked into the 14 songs recently added in the music folder by this one artist,  only 5 songs show up on the Fuze and when I click on the recently added tab, the whole player starts to scan through 51 songs and doesn’t start playing till 43 song, which are part of the album I am not seeing in the original artist’s folder.

I think the compiled songs are added to an unknown folder…these are songs that the artist sings with a guest artist. For some reason the tag is off and doesn’t place it in the same album folder as the original artist? Does this make sense?

If I hit the song title in recently added it also scans thru the songs and doesn’t play the one I want??:confounded:

I am so frustrated and not knowing why this is not working properly??
Can someone please tell me what I need to do to fix this?

Thank you to all who reply. :smiley:

Look in your album folders on the Fuze for subfolders that say MACOSX and delete them. Those are finder files for Apple, 0kb in size but with an .mp3 filename. The Fuze thinks they are mp3s and tries to play them but there is no music to play in a 0kb file. That’s probably why your songs are whizzing by.

The Fuze gets the artist name from the Artist part of the ID3 tag (not Album Artist). If it sees Singer Featuring Rapper instead of just Singer, the Fuze lists that as a different Artist.

Albums ripped in iTunes also do an Artist folder and an Album subfolder, so that one song Featuring may show up in the folder Singer Featuring Rapper/Album/the one song.  You may need to move the song into the folder for Singer/Album. One more reason iTunes is so annoying.

Once you have all the songs from the album together, you can use iTunes to change the Artist tag. Add the Album  folder to the iTunes library, highlight all the files, click File and Get Info and change Artist for all of them in bulk. You can type featuring into the individual Title tags if you want.

But if you still have access to a Windows PC, a better method would be to retag them with mp3tag at .

When you install it, allow it to add itself to context menus (option while installing).

Open it and set Tools/Options/Tags/Mpegs to Write ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. Those are the Fuze’s favorite. iTunes gives ID3v2.2, which works, but the ISO-8859-1 is Windows encoding that the Fuze likes better.

Right-click on an album giving you trouble, choose mp3tag from the Open With list (probably under Search). Highlight all the files and on the left, you can change Artist so it’s all the same. If you’re feeling compulsive, you can put Featuring in the Title tag of any songs you want.

You might also make sure they are in track order, top to bottom, and under Tools use the Auto-numbering Wizard with leading zeros. This changes iTunes 1/12, 2/12, etc. to 01, 02…10, 11, 12.  The Fuze can’t read the / so it sees Tunes-numbered tracks as 112, 212, 312…1112, 1212. So it will  play 1, 11, 12 before  2, 3, 4…

Thanks for your help. I did try to find that subfolder (MACOSX) on the Fuze but it is not there? Nothing is under Music but the three albums I just recently added. Nothing else is listed anywhere?

Are these sub-folders hidden?

I will probably have to look at this Fuze with a Windows OS computer. iTunes does show the album all in the same folder and the tags are written the same for each song but the Fuze stil won’t put them together?:confounded:

Thanks again.

Looks like you’re in a tough situation. How did this work out for you?

I’m still having the scan issues on recently added music. Does anyone have any other tips? Thanks.

The Fuze display doesn’t usually show you the actual folders.

Artist, Album, etc., are lists of what it reads from the ID3 tags. And it cannot read tags that are ID3v1, only ID3v2.2 or ID3v2.3 .  If you use Get Info in iTunes and Save the tags again, that should give you ID3v2.2.  Then re-send those newly tagged files to the Fuze.

There’s another way to look as well. Down at the end of the music list, scrolling the wheel to  a second page past Artist, Album etc., you’ll see Folders. That is more like a folder view on your computer (although apparently not exactly the same). See if that helps you find things.

If you don’t have Folders at the end of the music list, you should update the Fuze firmware with the instructions here.