OMG!!! Ready to throw the dam thing out!!

Bought clip a few months ago, Sandisk sansa clip, first it wouldn’t show up on my computer but learned the trick to that hold - button thing. Now I downloaded a bunch of songs to the clip recently and it started messing up when I unplugged it and the “Refresh Data” screen would only go half way and stop. Turned it off, and on again, and would do the same thing. Could only get it off the refreshing data screen when I started the clip off my computer. Only to find that the music I had downloaded to the clip did not appear on the clip _ BUT _ all my memory is stating that the music is on there!! Now , I’m trying to get the clip to show up on my computer again and it won’t show up EVEN when I do the hold and button thing!!

Already screamed!! Ready to boot kick the dam thing into the next universe!!


Anthing? Anyone?

It sounds like an unfortunate instance of multiple problems.

  1. The “refreshing database” issue is probably caused by a corrupted file or bad tags. Do a chkdisk on the Clip and let it fix any errors it finds. If that doesn’t help (or it doesn’t find any errors), you probably have some bad tags. Download MP3Tag, fix the tags in the files on your PC , then retransfer them to the Clip.

  2. The “missing” files may not actually be missing at all. If you changed USB modes (from MTP to MSC, or vice versa), either intentionally or accidentally, files transferred in one mode are invisible to your PC in the other mode. They’re still there, your PC just can’t see them unless you switch back to the mode they were originally transferred in. I don’t know why it works this way, but it’s normal. The “fix” is to choose one mode and stick to it.

  3. The “unable to connect” problem is likely due to corrupted drivers in Windows. Go into Device Manager and find the faulty device under “Universal Serial Bus controllers” and delete it. Then reboot and connect your Clip again after Windows finishes restarting and the driver should reinstall automatically.

Well so much for downloading mp3tag. The free download thread is broke, how convenient, and I don’t have a credit card to get the other.

A credit card!  MP3Tag is freeware, sounds like you have found the wrong application.  Go here to MP3Tag and get the real McCoy.

As a footnote, you can support the development team at MP3Tag using PayPal.  This application is worth donating to, as it works beautifully, but that is your option.

If you are seeing a payment requirement, I’d venture that you found the wrong site.  The download function is active tonight.


i did the device manager. it read that the device was working properly, and the clip shows up on the blue menu bar below on the pc, but a window pops up and asks you what you want to do like; transfer files, take no action. So I hit take no action, then the clip disappears from the bar, and the clip don’t show in my control folder like it use to. When it did show up (long time ago), i could easily drop the music into the sandisk folder and wholla! my music was on the clip. It just won’t show the folder anymore. Now i have to go through windows media player,  and my music don’t even show on the clip, and i did that switch msc and the other one.

Downloaded mp3tag v2.43 and uploaded my music on the pc. now what, there is so many dam gadgets i don’t know what to do next. Where is the fix menu. Can you tell I’m not use to this?

Thanx for your help

ready to cry; ann