sansa claip

I tried to download songs and whin I unplugged the clip the " refresh database" only goes about halfway and stops. Nothing else happens. I reboot and goes back to refresh database

One or more of the songs you just downloaded either doesn’t have ID3 tags the Clip can understand (wrong format or bad info) or the file(s) are corrupted.

Do a search, or just browse around here. This problem has been asked and answered many, many times. :smiley:

The word under my name explains it “NEWBY”. Thanx for the info.

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Newbies are most welcome here.  Every one of us started as a newbie.  For your issue, the problem may be that the player is running into a file that has a problem in the data , or the metadata describing the file itself.  This is referred to as the ID3 tag in the music file.

Load your music in several smaller groups, and watch the database freresh after each group is added.  The refresh will change when you have transferred the troublesome file.

ID3 tag editing utilities are a wonderful thing, allowing you to view and correct this information (Song title, album name, genre, artist, etc).  The most popular one here is MP3Tag, a free download, and there are other similar utilities out there.

The ID3 tag format liked best by the Sansa is ID3 v2.3 ISO 8859-1 (Latin-I).


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