OK...I Give!

I originally loaded most of my mp3’s with Rhapsody (MTP).  I did load a few with WMP11(MSC).  Each loaded with Auto…Each are on a different section of the Drive.  The new fuze FW update now shows MTP and MUSIC. Doing a search on Music, I can see on the Fuze that some songs are loaded twice and being able to seen that on the Fuze is a good thing.

I loaded a 1988 (minimal tag info visable) CD last night using Rhapsody.  I used MP3 Tag (mp3tag.m3u) to update the tag info including copied album art from Amazon.  It loaded all of the info onto the library, but when I move it to the Fuze (using Fuze Auto setting) it left off the Artist.  I went back to MP3 Tag, opening the file again and the artist info wasn’t there (I saved each track change).  I reinput it and tried again…it left the artist info off of some tracks. I finally got “”“one”"" to take the others didn’t.  They had the same info, but the Fuze left off the Artist. I finally used WMP11 with no problems (I also used Stamp ID3 Tag Editor).  Sometimes the Album art shows in Rhapsody when playing but won’t show on the Fuze.

I don’t have a Rhapsody account (using the freebe), but use Rhapsody when I purchase songs because I believe they have more of what I listen to.  So, based on the accounts in this forum, I am trying to stick with one service (Rhapsody over WMP11).

What is the best way to insure that the tag info goes to the Fuze and which (Rhapsody vs WMP11) better insures transferred songs pick up the tag info.  IOW, what is the simplist way to get all of the tag info (even for older CD’s) downloaded to the Fuze.  This way needs to include other transfers including videos etc.  Sorry, I know parts of this question have been addressed here in other posts, but there seems to be so many oppinions dealing with specific topics.  


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