Playlists not transfering when using Rhapsody

I just replaced my e260 with a 8 gb fuze, and I’ve been using Rhapsody for 2 years.  I’ve had no problems in the past creating playlists on my e260 and transfering them but now with the fuze, some of the play lists will always show up in rhpsody but none of them ever transfer to the fuze.  I’ve looked all over this site for answers and nothing either made sense, applies to rhapsody or worked for me.  I have update the firmware, and tried using windows media player.  I hae a subcription to rhapsody to go and am not interested in trying another media player.  I’m tired of using one app for this and another for that, ect.  I have no idea what relative vs. absolute paths for m3u’s mean(and I’m am very computer literate and I do know what a m3u is.)  Can someone just give me some simple step by step answers please?

I am fairly new at this as well, but I also use Rhapsody.  If you left your Fuze in Auto mode, it probably downloaded your files automatically using MTP (MSC selection works like a harddrive…which won’t show the various file sections when using Rhapsody.  (((Using Auto or MTP will show the various sections of the Fuze…IE Videos, playlists.  I understand Windows Media Player uses MSC))).

I have read that it is best to sinc in one or the other all of the time, IE use MTP or MSC.  Don’t select Auto because if you use WMP, it will Automatically file them using MSC.  You may have downloaded using Auto while using Rhapsody and the mp3’s were sent to the section of the Fuze using MTP.  You may have downloaded other mp3’s using Windows Media Player using Auto…which I think uses MSC. 

The fuze itself will see them both and play them as one.  Even if you change the fuze from MTP to MSC, it still sees all the mp3’s, but Rhapsody will only see the files you downloaded in that section.  Making that selection is only to set it up during connection to your computer during downloading, but it also changes Rhapsody’s “view” of the fuze.  While in MTP it can’t see files downloaded using MSC and vice versa.


I know someone who knows more will have a better answer, but until then know that your files are on the fuze, it is just that Rhapsody can’t see the MSC files when set to Auto or MTP (I have read that Rhapsody uses MTP for downloads). 

While you are researching, please be aware that your files may download to higher bitrates making the files bigger.  I unknowingly did that and have had to go back and re-download to the Fuze to 128 kbps (kilobites per second). There are also file converters (WMA’s to MP3’s) etc, mp3 tag software that allows you to add tag info and cover art to the mp3 before downloaded to the fuze (these should transfer from CD’s or mp3’s downloaded…but sometimes older CD’s don’t have this info and sometimes the tag gets corrupted…I’m still learning about this).   Anyway…hope I got this right, if not we’ll know it soon.