Odd problem... settings of EQ changes after songs picks(loudness drop)

hi guys…

i’ve just recently bought a 2GB clip, the tiny fellow is beyond expectation in come to my sports workout.

did someone bumped with a loudness problem when choosing a song from menu(artist, play all, song, genre what ever…).

what i mean is that the EQ settings erase after picking any song from the “Music” menu. there is the volume/loudness dropping.

when i go back to “Settings” and EQ and changes let say from Rock to Jazz the volume increases.

help is needed…hope you can provide some.

TNX and great weekend you all


When you arrow thru the different EQ settings, you’ll hear the different EQ, but then you need to actually press the center button in order to select that EQ.

i’ve already done that.  my V is on Rock after pressing the middle button but when i choose a song from Music i still experience a loudness drop.

now… when i go back to Settings and EQ going to normal or custom the louness returns to the desired level. if i choose pop/classic/jazz, i still have that problem. only normal and custom get it back in place.

i wanted to notice that i’m on normal level of volume at the high end of it.

what do you say a new firmware will do the job? or taking it to my Doc.

thanks 4 info.

I’ve found the same issue. Turn the clip off, change songs, and sometimes seemingly just letting it run (or perhaps running while skipping to next song), the EQ seems to go off, and the volume drops.

Sometimes I can fix it by pressing the volume control - it doesn’t just bring up the volume a little, but seems to kick the EQ in again.

Other times, I have to go into EQ, then select a different setting, or even the same setting and press select, in order to get it to work.

I don’t know the cause – power saving issue? Or just that the EQ is’t always locked on, and can get turned off when certain things change?