occasional skipping or choppy playing

I just got a 2GB Clip and updated the firmware to whatever.29 .  I have some ogg-vorbis stuff (~45 minutes long) encoded with Linux oggenc -q 5 that I’ve put on it (haven’t really used it for anything else yet), and it mostly sounds pretty good (better than my crummy MacBook speakers!).  However, sometimes the sound will stop playing for a few minutes, and then at some point randomly come back (a bit choppy / in-and-out for a few seconds, and then back to normal).  (Separate from when the music goes away when I didn’t notice the earbuds jack being pulled out of the clip :-)  I tried searching but it was hard to tell if other people had the same problem as me; any ideas?  This is my first DAP, so I may be a bit naive…

Here is something about that


I saw that thread, but it didn’t really seem to quite match the symptoms.  And indeed, I got the same symptoms when playing one of the stock musics (presumably an MP3).  On closer attention, my current guess is that it’s the loose connection between the Clip and the headphones plug, which can go in and out accidentally.

On the other hand, the Clip firmware .29 does have one serious problem with ogg-vorbis: the Clip’s generally esteemed quality of play is not there.

  • I have different musics, ogg and mp3, that utilize non-tinny tones

  • all using the Clip’s stock headphones:

– mp3s sound great

– many oggs sound terrible on Clip, but played on my computer using Rhythmbox, the same music through the same earbuds sounds great(at least as much as you can expect from earbuds of this size and price range)

Surely could be solved by a firmware upgrade (or perhaps rockbox)… but for now I guess I’ll re-encode all my oggs as mp3s, despite patent stupidity and minor format disadvantages (I’ll keep the original oggs too)