Ogg Vorbis, probs with long files, little halting hiccups/glitches


I searched the forums but didn’t find this exact issue.  I play a lot of longer DJ mixes that are in ogg format, and some - but not all - have little (<1 second) halting or drop-out sounds perhaps every 10 seconds or so.  I have not noticed this with ogg files that are normal song length.  Don’t know if this is an encoder issue or what.  Most were downloaded from archive.org (not encoded by me personally).  I do have the latest firmware installed. 

I believe that a few times i deleted a poorly-functioning ogg file from the Clip, then copied it back over, and sometimes it then plays fine, but other usually it does not.

Any ideas?  Thanks.

Original poster here, again.  I don’t understand the reasons, but this problem was completely fixed when I installed Rockbox on my Clip+.  Don’t know if it has it’s own different vorbis decoder or what, but all my ogg vorbis files play perfectly now, with Rockbox.

Rockbox, among other things, has many such nice “fixes.”