Undocumented features -- plays 16kbps mp3s

I was nervous getting a Clip – seeing the problems listed in user reviews and all.  But I wanted an ogg vorbis player, so I went ahead and took the plunge.  I must say I am pleasantly surprised.  SanDisk has done an excellent job on this product.  I haven’t had any real problems to date and this forum has been an excellent source of information.  For the most part I just searched/lurked to get my answers and have only needed to post once to get an answer.  This is a valuable site.  I just thought I’d follow up my original post with the following bit of good news.  It plays more than what’s advertised!

The first thing I did was upgrade the firmware it came with, 01.01.18A, to the latest, 01.01.29A.  My music is mainly ogg vorbis loaded in MSC mode from my Linux box.  I do listen to podcasts and meditation files, though, which are primarily mp3s.  Most are low res. (16 - 32kbps).  The manual said the Clip will only play mp3s down to 64kbps.  That bummed me out, but someone on my original post told me it will play them down to 32kbps.  So, I took the plunge and gave it a try.  It works!!!  All my podcast play on the Clip, even those mp3s at 16kbps.  So those of you upconverting low res. mp3s ought to try them first.  You may also be pleasantly surprised. :slight_smile:

Most everything I’ve put on the Clip plays.  I even put an wmv file on there and it played the audio track off of it.  The only thing that has given me any problems are real old ogg files that were produced before the format was finallized.  These do still play on realplayer and ogg123 on my Linux box but cause the Clip to freeze and lock-up.  That’s no big deal.  I can live with that.  I just removed them using the computer since the Clip will lock-up on a delete as well.

Oh, there is a word of advice I have for noobies on reseting their Clip using the power/reset switch.  When the Clip locks-up with the screen on, you see the Clip shut off after holding the reset switch up for a few seconds.  If the screen was already off to begin with, you get no visual indication of what is going on.  It looks like the clip is dead and nothing you do works.  You need to hold the switch up for 15 seconds to reset the clip.  Release the switch and then push it up again to turn it on.  You won’t see anything happening until it turns on again after the reset.  If you repeated try to reset it without turning it on in between you will think your Clip is dead.

I have over one hundred and fifty old TV themes on my Clip, many of which are very low quality and bitrates, including 16kbps.  I never really thought about it being undocumented until I saw this post.  Wow, that’s cool…


All the best,