Notes on the new Firmware


The new firmware will be available shortly on the forum and via the Sansa Updater.

This is a “minor”  update with a few enhancements,  but mainly bug fixes.

As always,  thanks to the loyal Forum members and Sansa fans for helping us with suggestions and information to fix bugs.

Both Fuze Hardware versions receive the new updates.

The firmware now contains region setting,  which is done after language selection (All languages are included).

Select your region as:  “North America,  Europe,  or Rest of World”.

You can reset it if you make a mistake,  by applying “Reset All”

There is a bug in the spelling of “Hebrew” in the language selection initial screen (fixed in next version,  sorry about that).

There is only one firwmare file needed to handle all the regions.

You WILL lose your audiobook resume positions after the upgrade.  (But the better Audiobook handling will be well worth it).

Double check your USB setting after the upgrade.

Thanks,  and enjoy your holidays.  Let us know any issues you find and keep the suggestions coming.

-SansaFix  :slight_smile:

Message Edited by sansafix on 12-12-2008 11:25 AM

So far…nice…the audiobook chapter you left off on will be highlighted and selected, much better than deleting the played selections. Scrolling in the song index seems faster…but could be inproved further esp. if we get that 8000 some limit next year!

If your Fuze sounds different…your custom EQ went back to flat…reset it!