New Firmware 01.01.11 Now available

So I picked up a Fuze. Very nice little unit. Blows my e200 out of the water.

Just some fyi…

Anywho, I noticed there is a new firmware in the updater, 01.01.11. Not sure what updates it provided, hopefully it will be on the forum soon enough.

Also, noticed it gave me the option for Americans or Isreal under region settings. Probably just language differences but, after installing both, I get an A after American version firmware and a “T” after the Isreal version firmware.

Has anyone installed the new firmware yet?  I’m a bit iffy about updating my Fuze after reading about some of the issues on the View’s FW updates…  I like this player just fine now and don’t want to mess it up.

I installed the new update. The only difference I’ve ‘found’ so far is that it no longer seems to lose the resume points in audiobooks after sync’ing new content. Glad to see that fixed so soon as it was becoming highly annoying :smiley: