Not Showing Music

I downloaded like 5 songs and the copied them to my mp3. I see them on my computer but not on the mp3. I also tried ripping a cd, and its shown on the computer its in it, but then it doesny on the mp3. It shows on the mp3 that the number of songs have increased by each song. Help Please.

Your songs are on the mp3 player under unknown. The Clip sorts based on tags. Here is what I suggest you do. Turn on the player, and go to settings, then choose USB mode and set it to MSC. Use the players menu and choose settings, format to delete all the songs on the player. Try ripping a CD using Windows Media player while connected to the net(so that the tags for your songs will be found). Start windows media player and click on rip. Click rip again, and choose format. Set it to  mp3. Click rip again, and choose bitrate. Set it to 192 or 256.

Next insert a CD and rip the songs to mp3 files while connected to the net. After doing this, connect the player, and use Windows Explorer(right click on start, click on explore) to copy and paste the album you just ripped to the player’s music folder.

You also can use a tag editor such as MP3Tag (Internet freeware) to edit the tag fields to add the tag info.; Windows also will do this if you right click on the file and go to the tag screen under properties.