Not keeping my settings, always says "Refreshing Media" when powered on

I’m not sure if there is anything that can be done to “fix” the problem I am having… but I figured I would at least ask.

One day when I skipped a song on my fuse… it just freaked out and froze.  I could not get it to do anything.  I held the power button for about 5 seconds and eventually got it to power off.

Now, every time I power the unit on, it will go through the “Refreshing Media” screen, and ditches all of my settings for the factory settings.  For example… song shuffle, screen brightness, all that stuff is reset.  This happens EVERY time I turn the player on.  It still seems to play music from both the player and the card… but it is pretty dang annoying to have to keep putting my settings in it every time I use the player.

Is there any easy fix for this?  I tried the restore factory defaults option with no success.

It’s a Sansa Fuse 4G player…

How old is the Fuze?

As with other electronics that have to hold settings, I believe there is a small separate battery that provides enough power to run the clock, etc. If that battery is dead or has been shaken loose, you’re probably out of luck.

One thing you could try, just for the heck of it, would be to manually replace the firmware. Go to Settings/Info and see whether your hardware is 1.x or 2.x. Put the unit in MSC mode with Settings/System Settings/USB Mode.

Then go to the Firmware Update Link and download the All Regions link for your version. Unzip the file where you can find it (desktop?) and then drag and drop FuzeA.bin onto the driveletter for the unit.  Disconnect and let it redo the firmware.

Otherwise, if it’s less than a year old, you’re under warranty and should send it to repair/replace. 1-866-SANDISK

It’s definitely over a year old…  :frowning:

The weird thing is… other than not keeping my settings and doing the refreshing media thing every time I turn it on… it works fine.  It is frustrating to deal with.  It wasn’t abused… never dropped, got wet, or anything like that.  It was playing one day… I hit the skip forward button, and it froze.  I was able to turn it off holding the switch up for some insanely long time…  but has that odd behavior every time it powers up.

I updated the FW… still behaves the same.  It started with  v 2.X something.  In reading through all the forum posts… it was around the time there was a HW change in the Fuze which is where they split into v1 and v2 of FW.

I guess I just need to buy a new player of some sort.  It seems like electronic items lately have a built in timer and dies every 2 years. :slight_smile:



Ah, that’s a drag. There are some pretty cheap refurb Fuzes around–I got one from eBay from what’s clearly a store, with hundreds of positive feedbacks, and it works fine. Woot has them really cheap, but a lot of people have complained about them breaking down. There are other worthy brands out there too.

Or you could wait till your cell-phone contract expires and get something with a music player in it. My new one holds 16GB–8 onboard, 8 in the provided microSD–and while the sound quality doesn’t match the Fuze, sometimes I go for the convenience.