Not able to view Playlist

I am unable to view the playlist on my Sansa Clip even after following the creat playlist and sync option from Windows Media Player described in the user manual. I upgraded the firm ware to the latest .30 version but no luck.

When connect to the comp and when I browse my clip through Windows Media I am able to see the songs in wit the appropriate playlist name against the songs in the sync results view but not when I look up the device.

  1. Any help in grouping the songs by playlist is appreciated.

  2. What is the directory structure under the music directory that would help group the songs into playlists.


A playlist is only a text file that tells the player which songs to play. I had the same problem using WMP so I found a m3u creating program , installed in the music directory of the Sansa and make the playlists right there. works every time.

Message Edited by Chuck_W on 11-05-2008 03:52 PM