Create a Playlist on a Sansa Clip

I have a Sansa Clip. I created a Playlist on Windows Media. When I did a sync over to the cip all the songs show up but there is nothing in the Playlis section. How do I creat a named Playlist on the clip?

There are several ways to create a playlist for the Sansa Clip.   There are many posts on the forum.   You may wish to search for other ways.

There is a way to do it through WMP and there is a good article on the knowlegebase:

Here is one on translating an m3u list:

There is a small utility program for the Sansa e200 series, but I’m thinking it will work for the Clip/Fuze as well.

But what works easiest for me in MTP mode , is to open up the Clip in Windows Explorer,  open the music directory.   select a group of mp3’s   then right click them and select create playlist.   This may not work in MSC mode. 

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I use just audiobooks, each a bunch of ordered chapters in a folder in Internal Memory/Audiobooks. With my many Fuzes over the years, all I had to do was highlight the Create Playlist option on my PC display of Audiobooks, type in the book’s name with a .pla extension, and move it to the Playlists folder.  Easy as pie.  The same Create Playlist option is on the Clip+ & it creates a playlist file. A couple of times using the .pla extension has actually worked. Usually they disappear or the rest of the books are in a giant playlist named “Unknown.” I’ve tried using the .m3u extension and it also creates a playlist file. But when I click on it, there are no entries. I’ve tried when hooked to a Windows 7 PC in MSC and MTP mode. I’ve even used a share-ware utility designed to create m3u playlists for the Clip (they don’t mention the Clip+). I don’t keep Windows Media Player on my Windows 7 box (I consulted with Microsoft a while ago and was assigned to fixing the bug-ridden WMP 8).  Is there an easy way to take a folder of .mp3 (or other supported format) files and create a playlist without having to follow Sandisk’s instructions, which are slightly more complex than building a nuclear bomb?