Create playlist on a clip+

Where are the instructions for creating a playlist with albums stored on my clip+ ??



I think Sansa expect you to use WMP or Rhapsordy. I don’t use either one. If you use WinAmp, drop files from the device into the playlist panel, then create playlist which will go into the folder with all your files or folders. That will normally by the music folder on the clip+ internal or just the root of the micro card (unless you made a music folder there).

This assumes windows. I haven’t tried making a playlist from Linux yet, but technique should be same. You can also use MediaMonkey, but again I’ve only had limited experience with that.

The above assumes you are connected in MSC mode. If you use MTP, go the WMP route.

Newbie, here:  I’ve tried using WMP – my PC, which runs XP, still has the same WMP illustrated in the instructions, so it looked like a safe.  Instead, it’s been a real faff, as the instructions asked me to “Add a Folder”, whereas I just wanted to add songs on the player itself, and it wouldn’t let me.  In the end I copied all the music over to…well, a folder on my hard drive and entered that in the library.  But, for some reason, not all the albums appeared.  Which actually makes it kind of useless for creating a playlist from.  In the end I gave up and tried with Media Monkey, but no joy there, either, but I think that has something to do with my confusion over MTP vs MSC.  Whoever’d thought that trying to create a playlist would require a comp tech degree?  That right-clicking idea looks promising, but when you say “Right click on the songs” where do you mean?  Open each artist folder i the device, select the songs and right click on them?  Or is there a way of displaying them all in a list?

I’m getting severely frustrated with the whole process (I tried - and gave up – on playlists for my Cown X7 months ago) and of reading contradictory, fool-proof instructions that never work for me.  I’m really hoping I can crack this, though!

It was so easy on the Fuze. I would just highlight the book’s folder in the Fuze Audiobook folder shown on the PC (MTP), right-click, select Create Playlist, and give the playlist the same name as the book with a .pla extension. Copy it to the Playlists folder (or leave it in place) and you’re done. Creating playlists for the Clip+ is frustrating enough to make you want to throw yourself off the nearest tall building. The Fuze (NOT Fuze+) was such a good player that I’ve seen new in-package ones on eBay going for $300 to $800 and used ones for $90 to $125 or higher. Sansa really blew it when they stopped making Fuzes. I was a studio guitarist in my youth and have an excellent ear. I have not found a better mp3 player until you get well over $1,000. Guess it’s time for another vendor unless somebody has a quick-and-dirty way to create m3u playlists on the Clip+ without WMP.