Playlists that draw from full albums on the Clip+

Sorry if this is really obvious.  I’ve seen lots of posts on playlists, but nothing that seems to address my particular interest.

I’ve had a MP3 player for years (Creative Muvo) and I’ve always just thrown albums on it using Explorer, but only now want to try playlists.

I would like to load a bunch of full albums onto the player, and then create some playlists that draw some songs from the albums, but not all of them.

So I might have 10 rock albums on the Clip+, and want a “Workout Rock” playlist and a “Power Ballads” playlist that would each pull different songs from the same albums. Or I can just listen to the albums.

What’s the best way to:

  1. Make the playlists

  2. Easily make changes to the playlists

  3. Put songs on the microSD that also work with the playlists.

I’m using Windows XP.  I’m open to WMP,  WinAmp, whatever is free. 

I have no DRM music, so I’m open to MTP or MSC.


Using MTP mode, playlists can be generated using Windows Explorer and a right click over your first music file, then drag and drop the desired tracks to your list.  The quirky thing to remember is that you aren’t actually moving the individual tracks to the list, but the names of these tracks only.

The completed playlist can be dropped in the Playlists folder of the Sansa for play on the device.

In MTP mode, your playlist will be in the pla format; the list does not need to be in the same folder as your music.  I personally use MTP mode for music, so the WE shortcut for playlists is convenient.

Using Windows Media Player, if the files are on your PC, you can generate playlists easily too, starting with the New Playlist button.

In MSC mode, playlists are in m3u format; they need to be in the same folder (relative path) as your music.

There are several playlist utilities mentioned in the forums here, like the “Sanse Playlister” (yes, spelled with an “e” ) plus you can use Winamp, Media Monkey, and others to build lists.  You can pick any audio track, regardless of album.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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