No way of getting back what you were listening.

So here is the problem. I was listening to track number 234 and i when out and check on my photo. I delete 1 unwated photo and all the sunden the player stop playing back music. I can deal with that and go back to music and playback but the thing is the player will start back at track 1, how do i resume to track 234 where i was listening too? Is there a play previouse option where i can resume? I like the player but there this is somthing i can not live with out. Another thing i notice that you can not skip to the next video unless you go back to video list and select the next video. This so annoying. Does any one else have this issue?

hi, I understand your fustration with the delete function and playback. Unfortunately, the delete funtion will always stop any audio playback and sadly there is no resume or play previous.

As for the video, I assume they didn’t have skip video was to avoid users skipping long videos (movies), but videos DOES have a resume function . . . so its quite interesting what functions and features match up. 

I can live with the skipping video thing, but imagine having 5000 + song in a 8gb fuze. Once you start deleting somthing and you have to spend like 5 minute scrolling down the player song list just to get back where you were 3 second ago before you delete somthing. This is not making any sense. I think sandisk should fix or add this function in any of the future firmware.

yea its lame, I know. I’m positive sansa knows about it too, but for some reason didn’t make it happen.

I guess for now don’t delete while you listen to music. 

A man asks his doctor, “Doc, it hurts when I raise my arm behind my head and scratch my ear, what can I do?”

The doctor answers, “Don’t do that.  Use your other hand!”

Familiar, huh?  On a more serious note, this issue is common to the e200 series 2 as well.  I discovered that things don’t go quite as smoothly when moving things about, while learning how the music plus slideshow operates.

Bob  :wink: