no sound on video, mp4 format

help!  im leaving to go travelling in a week and using this to store my movies for my ipad, but there is no sound!!  mp4 format, episodes of a tv series 185Mb each in size, and no sound its killing me!!

the sample video plays with sound no problem.  whats going on??

Maybe a long shot but is the volume turned up? do other videos or music play normally from the iPad? can you share a sample file with the issue so we can test?

the volume is up, the sample vid that came with the ixpand works no worries.  i uploaded a different mp4 file and that works no worries.  but i have an entire season of mp4 that dont work!  they work on multiple comps etc, but not on the ixpand.  I dont want to have to buy another set of these series!

try re-encoding the video using a video converter application. Seems like something with those files that is not compatible with the iXpand. 

yeh it must be the vid themselves, all other mp4 vids ive used worked well.  thanks for the help!

Maybe your device can’t play. MP4 files. You need to convert other video formats at this time. A video converter is what you need!

Dumpmedia Video Converter is hands down the best youtube downloader I’ve ever tried, and trust me when I say I’ve tried a lot. Dumpmedia is legit, unlike the other apps who pretend to be youtube downloaders but really aren’t. Plus it’s really simple to use, it even lets you choose the video resolution.