Video plays only Audio

Hi , I recently bought the iXpand, but I noticed that when I try to transfer files to PC it plays only audio, it plays the video on the app but on the PC is just plain audio, they are in the format “MOV” what can I do?

if your iphone settings are set to the new formats for images and videos they are using new codecs that may not be supported by all video playback applications. You can check by going to iOS settings > Camera > Formats. If it is set to High Efficiency the photos and videos will be using the following codecs. For video is it h.265 and for Photos it is HEIC (High Efficiency Image Codec) These codecs are relatively new and are not really that widely supported unless you are using an updated Mac computer. 

To play the video you would need to find a media app that supports h.265. VLC may work for you. For images you would need to get either a converter or app that can view HEIC photos. 

Honestly I have found that the storage space saved over the traditional .jpg images and h.264 videos is worth all the compatibility issue so I would suggest changing the setting above to Most Compatible and you will not run into as many compatibility issues.