Problem with 4K60fps

Hello, I’m using iPhone 8 with iOS 11 and iXpand 3.0

IPhone Settings - Camera - Formats - Highly efficient

Video Quality - 4K60fps

The recorded video is about 20 seconds in size about 150MB

I found this size (150MB) when I connected the iPhone directly via a USB cable with a PC

I will connect iXpand 3.0 to iPhone and copy the video via iXpand Drive 4.5

iXpand connect to my PC and video can not be played!
It’s just a sound but no picture.
In addition, the file no longer has 150MB but only about 65MB

How do I fix this problem?
Please advise.

well thank you

The high efficency setting in iOS is suppose to capte the video in .HEVC codec which is H.265. What media player are you using to play the file? If it does not that would explain why you only hear the audio. 

For the file size issue I did some tests. 

I set my phone to High Efficency in iOS setting and show a 20 sec video. I then connected my iPhone to the computer and checked the media info of the file. It is using AVC codec see below. AVC is H.264.  See below


Next I transferred that same video to the iXpand and then checked the media info and now the video is HEVC which is H.265.This is more efficent codec and explains why the file size is different. see below


What this does not explain is why is the video still in H.264 on the internal memory of the iOS device when you ahve the camera settings set to high efficency. That may be a question for apple.

For a work around though you can set the camera format settings to most compatible. This will shoot only in H.264 and you should not see these issues. 

Hi, thank you for your explanation.
Yes exactly as you write it is so.

High Quality 4K60fps video is scaled and can not be played on a PC.
Video in a compatible format. Only 4K30fps can be set.
This video can be seamlessly transferred to iXpand and play your PC.
This video is not scaled!

The question is:

1.When I want to shoot in 4K60fps how to transfer the file to iXpand so I could watch the video on PC?
2. When setting a compatible format, it is also not possible to set a slow video to 1080pHD, 240fps but only to 720pHD, 240fps

  1. I want to shoot in 4k60fps and slow video at 720HD, 240fps. Transfer the file without problems to iXpand and watch it on your PC.

well thank you

what media player are you using on the PC? I tried WMP 12 and 4K60fps worked. VLC or Quicktime may work as well.