Copied video files from iPhone to iMac won’t play on imac

I just got the ixpand today and am testing it before traveling. Previously I would record video on my iPhone and either transfer via Bluetooth or image capture to my iMac, then import to Final Cut Pro. However now that I copy the files to ixpand and then put that in the iMac, the files won’t play on the iMac. I get a message it can’t play a .mov file. But if I import by image capture it works fine. Via Bluetooth or image capture there is some message about converting the file first. Anyone have success getting to this work? Won’t help me much if I can’t watch the videos that are copied to ixpand. Also tried importing video from ixpand to final cut and it won’t accept it.

thanks in advance,

what capture settings do you have your iphone set to? If it is set to high efficiency it is using h.265. you may need to update the Mac OS or final cut to support this format or you can change it to most compatible which is h.264 and should work with what you are using. 

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Changing the setting to most compatible did it! Thank you so much!  Would you know what the difference is in the two settings in terms of video quality? Meaning would one be better than the other?

the quality is the same if you use high efficiently the file size will be smaller. if you want to keep using high efficiency setting you should be able to update your imac to support the new format. That said i use most compatible as it is simply easier to not have to worry about the compatibility issues with the new format. 

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