No room left even though I delete songs --using Mac, emptying trash

I use my Sansa Clip to listen to audio books only. Lately even though I delete books there’s a msg. saying no room left when I try to add more.  I’m emptying the trash on my Mac which I use to manage the Sansa files.  Memory says 3750 used, 22 MB left, no matter how much I delete! Help?

Are you emptying the Mac trash with the Sansa connected?

Have you always used a Mac? if you were also using the Sansa with a Windows computer, then it may have been connected in MTP mode, which is invisible to the Mac. You need to connect to a Windows computer and delete files from there.

Then go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and make it MSC.

If you just want to start fresh, you can go to Settings/System Settings/Format and use that. It will remove everything you’ve put on the Sansa.

I haven’t used it, but Internet freeware Hidden Cleaner often has been recommended for use with Macs, to clean up the resúlts of transferring files from a Mac to a non-Apple device.  I know that you have been emptying your trash, but might it pay to check this software out?

That’s probably it! I used Windows until the last year with this SansaClip, when I got the Mac. When I’m done with all the books I’ll reformat and let you know. Thanks, 

Thanks for your expertise.  I’ll let you know if it works.