Deleting files from Sansa Clip on Mac

I recently converted to Mac from windows PC and I am able to download and play files fine. However I am unable to delete several existing files(Audible books) that were on device before I switched. When I plug the Sansa clip into the Mac it shows an icon on the desktop which I open and see several folders one of which is labeled Audible if I open that the file reads AudibleActivation.sys that does not open. I searched all other files and cannot find the audiobooks anywhere. Is it possible to delete files directly from the clip? How can I delete them using Mac. The Audible Manager is only for Windows. All Mac files use the I-tunes player. Any help is appreciated. 

If you format the Clip (under Settings), it will erase all user content.

Does your PC still work? If you still have it and it works, KEEP IT! I switched from PC to Mac in April and Figured out really Quick that the best thing to use with your Sansa product is a PC. The mac is fine for adding but when it gets right down to it the mac is just not ideal for the sansa. You will find that Finder leaves small files on the player which eventually fill it, my suggestion is use a PC (Even one of a friends or a library) to delete the files and manage the files finder leaves behind.

Your audible files were added in mtp mode. Take your clip select mtp mode, download XNBJ and plug it back. Now you should see your audible files in the program. Good luck