How to use Audible files with a Mac?

My Clip has the latest firmware.   I downloaded a test file from and dragged it to the Audible folder on the Clip.  The file shows the proper name (with .aa extension) in the Mac Finder when the Clip is mounted as a disk.   But when I try to locate and play the file, all I find in the Audible folder is a file with an unknown name that will not play.   Can anyone provide me with instructions for the correct procedure to get .aa files onto the Clip so that they will have the proper name and play properly?   Thanks.

Audible .aa files are transferred directly via the Audible Manager…but in the case of the Mac, I see your difficulty: the files are DRM encoded, requiring MTP mode, and that means Windows Media Player.

I would contact Audible tech support, as there may be a software option for the proprietary file format, and transfer via Mac.

I know that once the files are written to CD, they are handled as standard, unbridled MP3 files.  The disadvantage is that they will lose the built-in functions like speed and chapter mode…you can squish them down to an acceptable size, by writing the MP3 files at 64Kbps.

With the upcoming firmware, the podcast / audiobook folder will help with books in MP3 format.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: