need help with getting my sansa clip to play audio books

when I try to play the audio books I have put on the clip it says “synchronize to listen to your audiobooks” what dose this mean? i realy need help


o i am also yousing a Mac if that matters

The Mac could be the problem.  Do you run Parallels and Windows too.  Look at the entire thread “No volume, suddenly” for someone else using a Mac w/Parallels & Windows that is having some luck (and problems) playing audiobooks.

What is the source and format of the audiobooks you’re trying to play?  OverDrive or NetLibrary use WMA files so you need to use a Windows machine (or Parallels & Windows within a Mac) to transfer those over.  I’ve never gotten a book from Audible so can’t help if that’s the format.  If they are MP3 files ripped from books on CD then those should work as would MP3s already on a CD.

Audible, is where i got them

i only run mac so i hope thats not the problem  

Have you activated your Clip with Audible? I had the same problem when I exchanged a clip which stopped connecting to the computer no matter what I tried. I got the same message but as soon as I activated the new clip with Audible, the books were available to read on the Clip. You can activate your player in Audible Manager.

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ok thanks i will try that :slight_smile: