Mac: Sansa Fuse won't change listed storage capacity when files are deleted

Anyone have this problem?

I add and delete mp3 files on my sansa, but the memory capacity doesn’t take into consideration the deleted files. When I get info on my sansa folder, it says memory available: 240 MB (out of 8 GB), but if you get info on the individual icons in the sansa folder it only adds up to less than 2 GB of storage used.

Anybody know how to solve this issue?

I’ve learned it is hell to use a sansa with a mac. 

When you delete files on a Mac, they are not actually deleted, but moved to the Trash. When you delete files on an external device, they are moved to a hidden folder on that device. This is why they are still taking up memory on your Sansa.

Just connect your Sansa to your Mac, click on the Trash icon in your dock, and click on ‘Empty’. Voilà, space regained!

I have used my Sansa on my Mac (and my Linux powered laptop) for half a year now, and have not experienced this ‘hell’ of which you speak.

Of course, it helps if you know how to use the OS you’re working with.