Sansa Fuze 4 GB saying 0KB available

So basically, I am having trouble getting my SF to work again. First of all, I have a Mac. My Mac recognizes my SF and allows me to add music via the Music folder, but whenever I try to delete music from the file, no free space becomes available. It freed up space when I manually deleted things on the Sansa, but not when I was in the folder. Thus, when I deleted music and then added more, it said I went over the quota: my SF showed me a message of “not enough disk space for Music DC. please free 90 MB.” 

I was wondering if there was a way to completely reset my Sansa since I can’t even turn it on now.  4GB is a lot of space, so I’m trying to figure out why I can only keep 200 songs on it at a time. :frowning: Thanks for any help on this. 

It might not be full at all; it could be this . . . but I think you’ll need a Windows machine to fix and/or format it.