No option to create playlist when I right click (MTP)...please help!

Hello. Thanks to everyone’s help I decided on a Fuze.

I’ve been trying for some hours now to figure out how to create/add my own playlist(s). Syncing with WMP 10 (11 ran very slow on my computer, especially opening) just added all my playlist content to the Fuze Music folder. Maybe I did it wrong. If I understood what I was reading in the forum, in MTP I’m supposed to be able to go to the Fuze Music folder, right click on folder/song and create a playlist but I do not get a playlist option when I right click or left click. I’ve added songs to the GoList, but I want more than one Playlist…with custom names if possible.

What am I not understanding? I have cognitive problems from a head injury so I’m a little challenged, but I feel really frustrated right now. It seems like everyone else is creating playlists this way no problem. Please help!

My system is XP home, service pack 3.

Thank you so very kindly in advance!

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11 is better than 10 for syncing in my personal experience, but idk bout ur computer. I personally would try to delete some stuff off ur comp, maybe get an external hardrive so that it can work better.

Thank you. I just edited my post with better explanation…WMP11 was so slow opening on my computer, but no such issue with WMP10. URGE maybe the problem? When I can I would like to get an external HD. Great idea. Really appreciate it.

I’m still trying to figure out playlists…tried saving as m3u file etc but I can’t figure it out. Gotta keep my chin up and keep trying. One of these hours I’ll figure it out. I hope.  :wink:

OK…I DL Mediamonkey and that solved my playlist issues. Now I just have to figure out why several album covers disappear once I connect. I thought that if I went to the original folder and changed the folder picture under folder properties it might keep the cover art but no luck. Unless I’m missing a step. Aaaargh. I’ve been up all night with no sleep.

the right click playlist feature is only available when you have WMP11 as well as many other features (rename file, drag and drop foreign files, etc).

Thank you! Bless your heart for saving me (and others who also don’t know this) additional time and frustration.