No music in folder

I have been reading these forums trying to solve the problem without having to post but I can’t figure it out.  I have the clip 2 gb and I have no music in my music folder.  Since I bought the clip I have used it in MSC.  I put it in the other options ( auto and MTP) but my computer will not even recognize the device.  In MSC, it shows the device and the folders but not the files.  I have gone in and opened all hidden folders. No change.  Will updating the FIRMware have any affect on this.  I should be running wmp10.  Any other tips would be great.  thanks

Are the files in a format the player supports? Have you tried transferring some mp3 files to the player? How are you transferring them? Try using Windows Explorer to copy and paste the files to the player’s music file.

Is your player a Clip+, or the original Clip? The Clip+ has a card slot.

See if my answer to your duplicate post helps.