Sansa Clip 2G

Hi all,

Hope someone can help.  We bought a new Clip 2G and loaded 0.5G of music on it by copying/pasting and drag/drop from one folder window to the Clip\Music folder window.  Everything went great and the music plays.  We’ve gone back to add more music and the Clip\Music folder shows no MP3 files at all.  We can still listen to it on the player but Windows XP Home SP3 can’t see the MP3 files now.  Also, Windows Media Player 11 can’t see MP3 files on the Clip either.  What’s up?


The Clip has 2 USB connection modes, MSC and MTP.  Files transferred in one mode aren’t revealed on your computer when connected in the other mode.  Hence, best (IMHO) to consistently use one mode or the other.

You can set the mode under Settings/USB on the Clip (in all but the earliest firmwares; if that’s you, time to update).  “Automatic” will try to use MTP and then default to MSC if needed (this variance is why I avoid that setting–it can lead to different USB modes on different computers).

MSC mode is more universal on computers, requiring less specific software (MTP mode requires Windows XP + Service Pack 2 (IIRC) or greater, plus WMP 10 (IIRC) or greater).  But only MTP mode can handle DRM (digital rights management protected) files/music.

Hope this solves the issue!