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I purchased a Sansa Fuze (which I love by the way), charged it, moved by MP3s and pictures to it and it works like a charm, however when I try to install the Sansa Firmware I have been getting the following message:  There is no internet connection.  Fix the problem and try again

I thought that because in the room I was my internet signal is low that was causing the problem so I moved my laptop close to my router (where I get a strong signal) and tried it one more time and again got the same message. 

I even deleted the firmware, downloaded it again but to no avail since I keep getting the same message every time and yes, I am connected to the internet and I have a strong signal.

I guess since my Fuze works (and works well) I probably don’t even need the firmware but just in case it does need the firmware update how can I get it to work if the firmware won’t allow me because the supposedly internet problem?

Can someone help?

If you’re trying via the Sansa Updater, you may have a firewall or other problem interfering with it.  Since your post is here, you have a simple option: download the firmware manually, unzip it, and install the binary file via Windows Explorer.

Check the firmware thread for the firmware file.  The directions are pretty straightforward, and you’ll be up to date in no time!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Download and install the firmware manually (it’s as simple as drag and drop) as described here:

Loaded the Sanza Fuse software and first step after installing is to create an account and it says no internet connection. I don’t understand the responses above to what to do I have no firewall. Pleae explain how to have the software see that I’m online. Thanks-


What Fuze software? And I don’t know of anything related to the Fuze that would require (or ask) you to “create an account”. :confounded:

If you are referring to the Sansa Updater which is glitchly and resource-hogging nag-ware that is supposed to update firmware on Sansa mp3 players, all I can advise (and just about everyone else here thinks the same) is don’t use it.

If you want to update the firmware on an Sansa device, simply go to the Firmware Thread here on the forum, find your product and download and install the firmware manually. It takes less time than messing with the Updater and is dead simple. :wink:

There is also another way to troubleshoot this. Admins, what would be the server IP that a PC connects when trying to load the firmware upgrades? Once we get this, we should be able to do “ping” at command prompt to really see if there’s a connectivity to the server.

Anything asking for an “account” setup was not from SanDisk. Maybe it was for the HTC Fuze or the soft drink.

The manual download links work fine. No need for major geekery here.

Plus admin doesn’t seem to read these forums, anyway. I guess they don’t care what goes on here, as long as they make money on their sales.

@halonachos117 wrote:

Plus admin doesn’t seem to read these forums, anyway. I guess they don’t care what goes on here, as long as they make money on their sales.

That’s an unfair statement and just not true.