No Audible aax playing!

Now audible changed format to the better aax format. But I can not play aax files on Fuze. Software is actual version 1.02.26. The old format(4) was playing. Shortly after selecting the file, the play icon goes to pause icon. The whole player slowly respose to all commands (click buttons, rotating wheel).

Have you tried to resync the device through Audible Manager?  I think you just need to renew the track license because Fuze does support .aax format.

The .aax format involves interaction with the display, allowing, among other things, tutorials or children’s books.  It isn’t better, per se, it’s a different animal altogether.

The Sansa Fuze is compatible with Audible .aa format only.  Are you referring to the new “enhanced audio” format, currently touted?  This is simply a higher bitrate, but the same .aa format.

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Similar thing happened to me after upgrading my Fuze’s firmware.  I just resynced the audiobook files and it works fine now.

.aax should be supported now on Fuze.  We are investigating the issue.

Are there any news about this issue? Still can’t play .aax files on my Fuze.

Found Version 01.01.15F binary file on my harddisk. Downgrade the Fuze and .aax is playing fine. Please repair the actual Version!


Audible aax enhanced audio experiments are in progress today, to confirm compatibility.  Comparing the revision 1 and 2 devices currently.  I personally float between Audible Formats 3 and 4 (16 and 32 kb/s respectively), listening to my favorites on the e280v2 and Fuze.

Well, the little Clip too, depending upon mood and venue, of course.

In comparison, the enhanced audio files are again twice the size (28 MB/hr) as Format 4.  The aax format allows images, as a slideshow, to display along with the book, excellent for children’s books.  Implementation is limited for this feature, so I’ll have to do some digging to find a test book.

Come to think of it, who had a talking View Master as a kid?  The new format might be oddly reminiscent of the experience, albeit a two-dimensional image.

Right, then!  The first guinea pig is the rev.1 Fuze.  Firmware 01.02.26 loaded.  According to the notes here, aax will play on FW 01.01.17 and later. (I see your reply with the “15” version too, fjonisch!)

The book plays fine as aax (enhanced), codec shows as AAX, 64 kb/s 22050 kHz sample.

“Film at 11”, as they say, for a trial on the rev.2 Fuze…  Just confirmed the format is OK on the Revision 2.

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I have the same problem. aax files don´t play on my fuze with firmware 1.02.26.

How strange is that!  I can play AAX on my v1, 01.02.26.  The files are much bigger though.

Now if only the folder names can be patched in a future firmware.  Bill Bryson is in a folder name “Audibles”, loaded on the µSD card.  Just why the hierarchy works that way is a conundrum.

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