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I just bought a Sansa E250 mp3 player. I wanted to know how to add video’s and photo’s to it, mostly youtube video’s and such short one’s…i wont be adding any movies. I didnt receive any CD, i just have the player, the cable and, microphones. What can i use to convert these video’s and jpg photo’s into Sansa accepted format.

Also is there any software where i can make a single folder for all songs.

Currently i made 1 folder and added all songs to it, but when i use the mp3 player, it shows songs distributed in different categories, for eg by artist, Songs, etc…I want all the songs in just 1 folder - under 1 category (SONGS)


MPK. is where you can find the Sansa Media Converter to transfer video and pictures to your player

As for the single folder on the player thing, the only way to get them all in one category (aside from song list) would be to alter the ID3 tags of the music to be the same artist or genre or album. The player looks at things in the following order: Artist, Album, Track Number 

I downloaded the Tag and Rename software. But how to change the ID3 for all the songs.  I want to keep the song name as it is, but i dont mind making the artist for all the songs as something common, if that can help me get all the songs in 1 folder.

What do i have to change/remove/rename ?

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