New User of E250R

I was given a Sansa E250R and I have downloaded the user guide.pdf.  That is the good news.

I scanned the guide to see how to transfer music and it says to copy the track into the “music” folder.  There is no “music” folder.  I do not know what other folders I need to create.

Is there a download of the factory structure to restore this player?  If not, is there a page so that I can see the factory folder layout and recreate it manually?

Is it possible to copy Youtube videos to this unit and listen to them?

My desktop is running Windows 7 and it recognized the Sansa E250R with 1.9 GB of available space.  I do not see an F: for the internal memory; is that Ok or do I need to download a more correct driver.

Thank you so much.


Version Info: Product Rev.: PP5022AF-05.51-S301-01.01-RN01.02.165-D
Base Code: 05.51-S301-01.01-RN01.02.165-D
ODM Ver.: S301-01.01-RN01.02.165-D
OEM Ver.: RN01.02.165-D
Build Type: -D
Build Date: 2007.04.27
Build Number: (Build 32.10)

Does this help?


You probably need to switch the USB connection mode on the player. There are 2 modes, MTP & MSC. On the “R” or Rhapsody models, these are called “Rhapsody” mode (MSC) and “Plays For Sure” (MTP). You want MSC, or Rhapsody mode. You’ll find this option/setting in the Settings menu. In this mode, your computer will see your player as a flash-based storage medium and as 2 separate drives, each with their own drive letter. The 1st one will be the player; the 2nd will be the memory card slot. it’s this way even if no card inserted.

Is it possible to download YouTube videos? Yes . . . however they will require converting to a format your player will play, and on these old players, it’s not an easy task. It usually requires 2 conversion procedures, the final one being with the Sansa Media Converter which can be frustrating and problematic.

By the way, the USB modes and how to transfer files to the device and card are described and explained pretty much as I just did in the User’s Manual on pages 15-17. Maybe you need to read the manual in more depth and not just scan it. :wink:

Also, a quirk of the v1 and Rhapsody players is that the Music folder is “hidden” by default. If you’re using Windows  Explorer, change your folder view settings to “show hidden files”. You should then see the Music folder.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

Good point there, Bob. Been so long I forgot about that little idiosyncrasy. :wink: