New User - Not computer savy

I recently purchased the Sansa Fuse but didn’t purchase any other accessories with it.  The booklet, which is not much said that I could charge the Sansa by plugging same into the computer and it should be charged in about or less than 3 hours.  This is not happening.  I would plug it in and leave it but when I check on it afterwards the battery is still dead. You would see the screen saying connected and you would see the battery charging but nothing happens.  Please help.

Also, is there a way to set your favorite radio stations?

 With Charging, make sure you plug the cable into a USB port on the back of the computer, often other ports dont put out enough power to charge. If you are using a laptop make sure its plugged in, and that its not in any kind of powersaver mode, because this can drop the power to the USB ports and they wont charge the Fuze.

With Radio presets. Tune in the station, hit the down button (6 o’clock) and then scroll down, to where it says add preset, then press the center button.

Edit… I noticed this post got moved by our Awesome Mod… But Hey MicroSansa I go a Question… Do you PM the OP or something so they know where to find their Question?

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Look in the Frequently Asked Questions, How To Videos, or Sansa Media Converter forums, and you can see the place holders there.  The original poster can see his title, and it links to the relocated post.

Some days, there’s a cluster of lost posts in those forums.

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