Just got a Fuze...Some battery questions...

I plugged it into the USB port of my laptop. It says connected and shows a spinning blue ring and a bar with a battery indicator in it. My question is, how long should it take to charge the first time?  The battery indicator has been sitting at 50% and it’s been 3 hours now. The unit timed out a few minutes ago and turned off. Thinking that meant it was finished, I turned it back on, and now it’s back to charging, still sitting at 50%.

It may not be getting enough amps off the port.  Not all ports put out power enough to charge it.

I bought a little wall-wart charger for mine–does the job every time!

It’s a separate issue, but the blank display isn’t related to the charging operation- that’s the display timeout shutting off the screen.  On the laptop, as long as you are connected in MTP mode, you can verify the charge status:

Go to My Computer / Computer and open a Windows Explorer window.   Right click on the Fuze under “other devices” and select Properties.  You’ll see a cool battery icon with the charge percentage.

Nominal charge (full) can take 3.5 hours roughly.  The laptop may not have enough charge current available on the USB port.

If you unplug the Fuze, after the database refresh, what does the battery icon look like?  Try cycling the Fuze once OFF / ON and see if it changes.

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I called because we had the same problem with charging the Fuze… you need to upgrade Windows Media Player to version 10 or higher, then the laptop will recognize the Sansa and automatically start charging.  Version 9 or lower will attempt to charge and attempt to connect but will not successfully do so and stops charging.

Also, watch out because the new version of media player is default set to “auto-sync” and will erase the files on your player.  You want to uncheck that setting…

Thanks. I think I have it solved with you guys’ advice. It charged ok on my desktop, and now it seems to work fine on my laptop after upgrading to WMP 11. Thanks again.