First time charging for 7 hrs now, still red battery indicator

My husband sent me 4G Sansa Fuze, and I’ve been charging it for 7 hours now, and the battery indicator shows up its full(green), but when I pull the USB off, it goes back to color red (almost lowbat) mode…

what’s does this mean? what should I do?

try again and see if there is a bolt next to the battery indicator if not try a different usb port

it doesn’t have bolt anymore, that’s why when I take the chord off, the battery indicator goes back to

red, so when I charge it back, it shows its charging again. Idk why its like that, my husband told me to

put on MSC mode.

How did you charge it? Some desktop PCs have front USB ports that don’t put out enough power. Use a rear USB port. Some notebooks put out very low USB power when on batteries. If charging from a notebook, make sure the notebook is plugged in to AC power. The battery in the player might be charged, but the battery indicator might need to recalibrate itself. Try using the player for a long while(perhaps 10 hours or more if it will play that long), then charge it again. My Fuze battery indicator also acted weird the first few charge cycles.

i plugged at the rear usb port, and now, it worked. thank you!