New to stick

hi i just purchased the 16 gb sandisk wifi stick

  1. i tried to transfer files through the browser on my second pc , its says “working on it” but nothing happens??? is it really so slow?

  2. whenever its connected and chraged to the pc by wire , the other pc cant connect to it why?, do i need to charge it through charger, that is not connected to pc?


yes it is pretty slow. About 6Mb/s max speed. If it is connected to a PC via the USB port it is mounted as a MSC device. The controller does not support simultaneous MSC and wifi connection to the memory. Basically you can connect either USB or wifi but not both at the same time. 

i dont see any option to copy and paste the files from the browser did you tried that?


there is a + button in the top left. you can use that to upload files. you can also drag and drop to the browser window. To get files off you can drag and drop them from the browser back to the computer. 

the web interface is a bit limited though. I would just use it directly connected as a usb drive with a computer. 

Yes i saw it. But when i drag and drop from browser tomy second pc it copies the html link to the file. Not the file itself… Did you actually succeeded to fully download files in pc? Thats why i bought it for…


sorry my mistake. drag and dropping does only copy the weblink. I can just click on files that are not supported by the browser and they will start a download. if the file is say a picture it will view it in the web browser and then you can right click and save from there. 

if your primary use case is using it wirelessly with a computer this may not be the best product for you.